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For bookings, questions, and more information, please contact us at bookings@jazzandjokes.com or contact a team member

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What makes Jazz & Jokes different from any other music and comedy show?

What makes Jazz & Jokes special is that not only do we provide amazing and talented musicians and comedians…but the musicians participate in the comedy, and the comedians are involved in the music. In addition, we bring the audience into the fun! So, if you’re not doing Jazz & Jokes then you are doing just another music and comedy show.

2. How long (run of the show) is the production?

A typical Jazz & Jokes production runs 90-120 minutes. However, we can adjust the time to fit your production needs.

3. How much does a Jazz & Jokes production cost?

A Jazz and Jokes production fee starts at $5,000 for our Jazz & Jokes Classic show. The fee for the other Jazz & Jokes production packages (Premium, Gold, Platinum, Global) is based primarily on the talent selected. Our team will work hard to provide the best show to fit in your budget.

4. Is Travel and Lodging included for the talent and crew?

Travel and Lodging may be negotiable based on the travel requirements of the talent requested/secured. Each package is evaluated on a case-by-case basis to give you the best pricing possible.

5. Can I assist in selecting the talent?

Absolutely. We are here to ensure the best quality show at the best possible price. Your involvement in the talent selection process is welcomed, but not required. Our commitment to you is to maximize your dollar and bring you the ultimate entertainment experience.

6. Can we hire local talent for the show?

We are big fans of local talent. It allows both you and us to showcase to local fans and gives us an opportunity find new talent for future shows. When using local talent, they are interviewed by our production director before being hired and must be available for scheduled rehearsal(s).

7. What if I don’t want my music to be Jazz?

Jazz & Jokes can provide shows featuring not only different types of Jazz, but music from many genres including R&B, Blues, Neo-Soul, Funk, Hip- Hop, Rock, Country and Gospel. We have an excellent Jazz & Jokes team. We are committed to making sure you have the right musical artist(s) to suit your production and audience needs.

8. Can we have clean comedians?

Absolutely. Just as we feature many types of music, there are many types of comedians. We are committed to making sure you have the right comedians to suit your production and audience needs.

In addition, Jazz & Jokes can produce specialty shows including our Gospel/Faith Based production, an all-female (musical artist and comedians) production, All Hispanic production, and the Jazz and Jokes Greek Show, featuring artists that are members of Greek-lettered fraternities and sororities. There are many ways we can tailor our production to your needs.

9. What Kind of Venue is needed for Jazz & Jokes?

Our show can be produced in many different venues. Our Jazz & Jokes team will work with you to make sure your potential venue is suitable for our production. This includes insuring there is suitable lighting, sound, stage area and stage equipment.

10. Can we have talent attend promotional radio and/or television interviews, after-parties or other non-production events?

Generally, our talent is happy to assist with promoting the show, however, it is important that all promotional events are scheduled in advance. After-party and other non-production events may need to be contracted separately and may include an additional fee. Contact your Jazz & Jokes team member for specific details, rates, and availability.